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Buying Preconstruction Real Estate in Dubai – Key Issues

Guide to Buying Preconstruction Real Estate In Dubai Dubai has seen extraordinary growth since it open its doors to foreign property ownership.  Foreign investors pour billions of dollars into...

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Buying Property in America as a Foreigner

Immigration Needs of Foreign Buyers of U.S. Property More cross-border capital flows into U.S. residential real estate than any other country in the world.  Broadly speaking, buying property in...


Buying Real Estate Preconstruction (Off-plan) — Key Issues

Key Issues When Buying Preconstruction (Off-plan) Real Estate Cooling Off Period. Buyers change their mind every day.  That is why the laws of some jurisdictions provide that reservation agreements...


Top 4 Markets for U.S. Real Estate Investment in 2019

I am witnessing a paradigm shift in foreign real estate investment in U.S. real estate. The days of international investors exclusively targeting historical hotspots like New York City and...


Punitive Transfer Taxes and Stamp Duties — Assault on Foreign Property Investment

The Rise of Punitive Transfer Taxes Against Foreigners While working in Hong Kong as an attorney, I was struck by how few Hong Kong residents owned their own homes....


Condo Hotels … A Good Idea?

Condo Hotels … Are they a Good Buy? Condo hotels are different from conventional condominium developments. The owners/renters of units in a condo hotel do not live in them...

Buyer’s Guide to Dubai

Buyer’s Guide To United States



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